Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming part of the first national association uniting Good Food producers from coast to coast. Membership is open to American craft food businesses creating the sort of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsible.

Our mission is to connect, convene and promote Good Food businesses of all sizes. Criteria for membership, outlined below, were developed by a diverse group of industry experts. Over half of your production must meet these criteria in order to be eligible for membership in the Guild. All retailers interested in stocking Good Food are eligible for membership.

It is a priority to make membership in the Guild accessible to businesses of all sizes, and the tiered entry fees reflect that. If you want to take part but the pricing makes it inaccessible, please contact us.



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To help us ensure that all Guild members meet or exceed the responsible production and sustainability criteria that form the core values of the Good Food Merchants Guild (outlined below), please answer the following questions as fully as possible. We encourage you to check with your farmer, supplier or other members of your company that may have the specific knowledge requested. We will call you after reviewing your answers should we have any further questions, but please feel free to use your membership for one free Good Food Awards entry right away!

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