all across the country, a new crop of food producers are reviving the traditional crafts of preserving, brewing, roasting and distilling...

From the organizers of the Good Food Awards comes the Good Food Merchants Guild, which will foster, distinguish and unite them to become a vibrant economic force in America. Join Now »

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I'm Small

{and that suits me just fine}
  • A national community of like-minded businesses
  • How-to videos and templates on business basics
  • Web store to sell directly to local eaters, from partners

I'm Growing

  • A bridge to regional and national buyers
  • A way to distinguish products on shelves
  • Professional resources and tools.
  • Discount on job postings at
    to find great new staff.

I'm Big

{and making great FOOD!}
  • Be recognized as a leader
  • Help the Good Food movement grow.
  • Become even more sustainable
  • Special access to national and regional buyers (starting 2013).
Plus stickers, poster, schwag...and much more as we grow!


Membership in the Good Food Guild is open to both retailers and craft food and beverage businesses, in the nine industries that the Good Food Awards works with and beyond to include all traditional American craft food traditions, from butter to cookies to crackers, mead, cider and more. If your industry is not listed on the sign up form, choose “Other Craft Food” and tell us about what you do. Membership will be based on meeting the standards developed by the Good Food Awards Committees, a diverse group of leaders from each industry. Each set of standards reflects the best practices of
tasty, authentic and responsible food producers
as it relates to the specific industry,

while not being so stringent as to preclude all but a few dozen businesses. The Guild is committed to adding additional stake holders to support a revision of the criteria every year to reflect changes in our rapidly changing food system, and to using its marketing power to support advancement in sustainability and social responsibility. A copy of the current standards are below.

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